Rife Forum

The Rife Forum connects some 13,000 registered members, researchers from around the world, who share the results of their experiments with Rife-based frequency technology. This old-style forum has everything. Make it your first-stop in learning about Rife’s experiments and their relevance today.

Royal Raymond Rife, Jr.

A great bio on the father of frequencies, and here’s a movie. Rife built the world’s most powerful microscope, using only prisms and light, allowing him to see live bacteria in action, plus note their bioresonance, or color frequency. The same frequency as an electrical charge made the bacteria explode!

Frequency Foundation

Frequency Foundation is a non-profit research group founded by Dr. Greg Sutherland – West Point grad, Vietnam-era Top Gun war pilot, cancer doctor, IT expert, co-founder of Agile software development theory and avid researcher of bioresonance and Rife’s frequencies.

QFT’s Feature Article

Read this epic feature gone viral at QFT: QUOTED FOR TRUTH, with its deep history of scientist Rife and his allies, the Cabal of monopolists dead set against his discoveries reaching the public and the brave few researchers who continued his work. Plus, how electric frequencies were employed by the ancients. They also review ours!